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Measuring Test Quality in Embedded Systems Research Paper

Estimating Test Quality in Embedded Systems - Research Paper Example This circumstance has required the improvement of better testing techniques that can be utilized to beat the referenced above difficulties experienced by the conventional inserted frameworks through contribution the specific test quality data even in circumstances where the estimating and testing forms are completed when the application under scrutiny is being run in an implanted objective board (Conrad 78)Some glitch programming have been presented as the quality issue guilty party in the results of installed frameworks. Programming testing has along these lines gotten more concentration in the ongoing years and is generally being utilized as a methods adjusted by organizations to create items that are of high caliber inside the ideal time span to their clients. The customary frameworks that utilized manual strategies for testing programming have been not able to stay aware of the fast expanding code sums in the contemporary usage of items. Subsequently better frameworks to guarante e that the tests led are productively executed and the tests activities are accounted for, checked and broke down in better ways in order to stay aware of the pace of present day necessities are required (Grchtmann 27).Most of the projects utilized nowadays in installed frameworks produce codes that are unnecessarily perplexing. While such discharged codes may in any case be useful, they are ordinarily more confused than they are required to be. Codes that are muddled will in general change and become codes that are issue perplexed. Most professionals accept that in an occasion.

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An Introduction To College Personal Essay Samples

An Introduction To College Personal Essay SamplesThere are so many different college personal essay samples out there that it can be quite difficult to know which ones are worth your time. This article will discuss some of the things you should be looking for when browsing through different essays and outlines. Hopefully by the time you are finished reading this article, you will be able to see a few sample essays that you will have an easier time evaluating.Perhaps the most common form of essay is the narrative. This is a very popular format, as most people find the process of writing a novel or other narrative to be somewhat confusing and tiresome. What these writers do is take several pieces of information that they gathered over time and turn them into a single paragraph. By using this type of essay, the writer is able to use their personal experiences in order to present a single thought or idea in a concise manner.There are also other forms of personal essay samples. These incl ude case studies, case studies based essays, and case studies written from a family member's perspective. Each of these offers its own unique perspective on a given subject.If you were writing a memoir of a particular past event, then you could write a personal essay that was based around the event. Instead of talking about what happened in the past, you would use it as a way to teach readers about what they can do to change the future. For example, you could go into great detail about a specific decision that you made in the past.One of the most intriguing forms of personal essay samples is the one that is based around relationships. A lot of people find that they are quite enamored with the idea of writing a personal essay on a loved one. Writing about a loved one allows for you to share all sorts of personal memories and experiences, while also taking the reader on a journey through your life. If you ever want to write a book about a certain person, then you might consider writin g an essay about that person.One of the biggest differences between the different essay samples is how they are presented. Some essay samples are designed to be written as essays, while others are simply paragraphs of text. Other essay samples offer you the opportunity to do both of these, but only one of them will feel like a traditional essay. After reading these samples, you will be able to tell the difference between the two.The last thing that we are going to talk about in this article is college personal essay samples that are written from the perspective of a family member. The point of this essay is to write about something that you know about or that you are able to relate to, and you can do this by looking at a sample from a loved one or family member. As you begin to read the essay, you will be able to see more of what you know about the subject, and you will begin to relate to the situation instead of being lost in a sea of knowledge.These are just a few tips to help you determine which college personal essay samples are worth your time. Make sure that you are clear on exactly what you are looking for when you go through this article, and you will be able to choose the best essay for you.

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Anxiety and Occurrences in a Past - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1323 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Anxiety Essay Did you like this example? My theory on Nikolas is based on Psychoanalytic Theory, founded by Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that events in our childhood have a great influence on our adult lives, shaping our character. Anxiety deriving from stressful occurrences in a persons past is concealed from consciousness and may be harmful during adulthood. Nikolas is a 33 years old man who suffers from anxiety and after his brother passed away due to alcoholism his anxiety attacks increased. Nikolas might feel guilty about his brothers sudden death because of leaving his brother live by himself. After Nikolass brother passed away his life changed dramatically, and his anxiety increased. His lack of employment, low self-esteem, and poor social skills are a factor for his anxiety. Hes having thoughts that hes going to die and feels very unsecured. Nikolas is normally by himself and is afraid to date due to fears of being rejected. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Anxiety and Occurrences in a Past" essay for you Create order As Nikolass therapist I will utilize some of Freuds Defense Mechanisms. Its possible that because of Nikolass overwhelming anxiety attacks he is going thru Regression, a defense mechanism used when the ego is threatened, a person may use this mechanism to go back to an earlier stage of development that was less stressful and less mature in order to cope with current anxiety. Denial Defense mechanism by not accepting the reality that his brother died due complications of alcoholism. Repression Defense mechanism by having painful memories from his childhood stored in the unconscious, or Projection Defense mechanism by blaming others and believing God is punishing him. I will focus in restructuring Nikolass personality and not only diminishing symptoms or unscrambling problems. I will apply Freuds psychoanalytic therapy (with the analyst seeing the client one to three times a week, usually face to face) have two main goals of therapy: to help him bring the unconscious to conscious awareness and to strengthen the ego so that an individual is less influenced by instinctual drives of the id or demanding perfectionistic standards of the superego and freer to act in more realistic ways. (Tan, 2011). During the session I will ask him questions about his childhood; if there are any painful or uncomfortable situations that come to mind at this time, or if he had or has any dreams that he would like to share with me. I will ask Nikolas to keep a record of his dreams and to talk about his dreams openly with me. Advised him that he can feel free to tell me anything that comes to mind and that the wording doesnt have to be perfect. By doing this we will be abl e to find situations of his early child hood or previous events that contributed to Nikolass health condition. As Nikolas therapist I will strive to have a good working alliance with my client. I will start by asking my client questions about him. Did anyone hurt you emotionally or physically during your childhood? What do you think caused for you and your brother to begin heavily drinking? Can you describe your relationship with your brother? Were you in a romantic relationship before you started heavily drinking? Can you tell me about your work history? By Nikolas responding this question it will help us gather more evidence about his feelings and emotions. By Utilizing some of Frauds Main Theoretical principles about early childhood we will need to fine evidence of events that might had occurred during his early childhood, such as how was his life with his parents? Was he a happy child? Did he suffer during childhood? We will concentrate in conscious/unconscious mind: Is Nikolas using his unconscious mind and bringing memories from the past to the present, by not accepting the death of his brother? A major theoretical ideal that will be used in my client Nikolas is The Superego, it provides a moral code, it contains the social and parental values and standards to which a person has been exposed. My goals for Nikolas are to make a change in his life and to let him accept his brothers death and help him understand that is not his fault. To help him understand that God is not punishing him. To give him assignments and expect them to be complete by the due date. We will have sessions one to three times a week. One of my assignments will be for him to download apps that he can enjoy, read books and if he feels conformable to go to the gym. Some of these activities can help him meet new people. I will also recommend exercising. He can start taking short walks around his block and/or start yoga exercises to help him control his anxiety attacks. I will advise him to attend church and to get closer to God and let him understand that God will always be there for him. God is not here to judge or to punish him. He might consider taking bible studies. After I set up these goals with Nikolas I would meet him again and see if theres any improvement, if an improvement is met we might be abl e to reduce the sessions, instead of twice a week session we can meet once a week. The major therapeutic techniques and interventions in psychoanalytic therapy are: Maintaining the analytic framework, free association, dream analysis, interpretation, analysis of transference, and analysis of resistance. (Tan 2011 pg. 47). Therefore, by maintaining the analytic framework, the therapist must remain as neutral and anonymous as possible. Nikolas must maintain his appointments and attend to all the sessions from beginning to end. He is assuming he is been punished by God because of what has happened with his brother his brother. He is making his own analysis and as a therapist I will help him understand that Im here for him and will not judge him for what might had happened in the past or his childhood. I will focus in finding Nikolas cultural background, morals and religious beliefs. It can also be possible that he may think that he is not able to economically support a partner at this time due to his employment status, he has no job. In some cultures, men are required to work before getting in a relationship. Specifically, relational and intersubjectivity approaches recognize that both counselor and client make sense of the others affect, behavior, and expression in terms of their own unconscious cultural organizing. (Gehart, 2016) I believe Nikolas was not ready to move out and that he was forced to move out due to being exposed to alcoholic drinks. Nikolas might feel that is his fault his brother died because of moving out of the house. Nikolas biblical faith of God is low, hes having doubts, he believes he is been punished by God and that all the bad things happening around him are Gods fault. My advice for Nikolas it would be that no one is guilty for what happened with his brother. His brothers death might had happened for another reason, his brother could had been sick. God will always be there for him in good and bad times. To let Nikolas recognize that God is not here to judge or punish him. God forgives our sins and will always love us. Nikolas narrows focus on aggressive and sexual instincts in the motivation of human behavior is unbalanced. (Tan, 2011). My client Nikolass anxiety condition has improved, now hes able to visit more less crowed places. Hes starting to accept that he needs to take care of himself and love himself before anything else. Hes having routine visits with his regular doctor to check his heart beat. Nikolas still attending our sessions once a week. Hes doing outstanding on his assignments, never misses a session and hes always on time. We will prescribe medication as needed. By applying Defense Mechanisms by Freuds psychoanalytic as a therapist has helped me become a better listener and I have also learned to never judge my clients.

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Drinking Age - 1012 Words

Drinking Age The drinking age was moved from 18 to 21 for a reason. The higher drinking age of 21 has saved many lives, helped reduce the amount of underage drinking, and therefore should not be lowered. Many studies from a large variety of sources have proven higher drinking ages have a positive effect on society. Alcohol is harmful to the development of younger people. Research has shown that an adult is less likely to binge drink (have five or more drinks in a row). According to statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, teens become intoxicated twice as fast as adults. Because the teens get drunk faster they†¦show more content†¦Some argument for lowering the drinking age claim that alcohol is more enticing to youths when they can’t have it, and if the legal age was lowered there would be less underage drinking problems. Studies and history have proven this wrong (Fell, James: Debating Reform). Before the drinking age was raised in the U.S. there was a larger underage drinking problem, and over twice as many fatal alcohol related accidents as today. Sources: European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs. DiClemente, Ralph J. et al â€Å"Parental Monitoring: Association With Adolescents Risk Behaviors† Pediatrics 107: 6 June 2001, 1363-1368 Fell, James. From â€Å"Chapter 2: Federalism: Resolved, the Federal Government should restore each State’s freedom to set its drinking age.† in Ellis, Richard and Nelson, Michael (eds.) Debating Reform. CQPress Publishers, Fall 2009. Fell, J.; â€Å"Minimum Legal Drinking Age Policy Knowledge Asset,† website created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation s Substance Abuse Policy Research Program; March 2009. Fell, James C. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Oct. 2008 â€Å"An Examination ofShow MoreRelatedLowering the Drinking Age1523 Words   |  7 Pages According to Andrew Herman, â€Å"Each year, 14,000 die from drinking too much. 600,000 are victims of alcohol related physical assault and 17,000 are a result of drunken driving deaths, many being innocent bystanders† (470). These massive numbers bring about an important realization: alcohol is a huge issue in America today. Although the problem is evident in Americans of all ages, the biggest issue is present in young adults and teens. In fact, teens begin to feel the effects of alcohol twice asRead MoreNot Lowering The Drinking Age989 Words   |  4 PagesLowering the Drinking Age There are many different views on drinking alcohol, especially underage drinking. Everyone has different views on the drinking age. Some think it should be lowered and others believe that it should be raised. Then some believe that it should remain the same at the age of twenty-one years old. Keeping the alcohol consumption age at twenty-one limits the dangers of not only those under twenty-one, but other people in the community. Lowering the drinking age will cause moreRead MoreDrinking Age1395 Words   |  6 Pagesis good or bad, helpful or hurtful. Some debates are simple with no major side effects such as would drinking gatorade or water better maximize the performance of athletes. Other debates involving drinking are not as simple, these debates involve alcohol drinking age. Both arguments can have different viewpoints, the difference is the significance in the argument. What should the legal drinking age in the United States be? Consuming alcohol has been done for many years. Unlike a typical beverageRead MoreDrinking Age Essay677 Words   |  3 PagesDrinking Age When teen-agers turn 18, they are told that they are adults and are sent into the world. They go to college, get a job, marry or join the military. They do grown-up things like vote, pay taxes and become parents. But they cant go to the pub for a beer because when it comes to liquor, they are still just kids. Wheres the fairness in the 21-and-older drinking law? First, it is necessary to question this law. Why is 21 the magical age that makes one intelligent and matureRead MoreLowering the Drinking Age1223 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"What we’re doing now to prevent underage drinking isn’t working; it’s time to try something else.† Although many people argue that the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1964, which lowed the drinking age from eighteen to twenty one, was a good idea. David J Hanson a professor in the State University of New York believed that something needs to be done to make the United States a safer place to live. Is it fair that people in the United States can serve in the military, vote in elections, serveRead MoreThe Debate Of The Drinking Age959 Words   |  4 PagesThe drinking age has always been twenty-one in the United States, whenever it has been questioned on why twenty-one and not eighteen. The scientific answer has always been because the eighteen-year-old brain is not fully develo ped yet. See what I have a hard time understanding is why eighteen-year-olds are considered adults at the age of eighteen, but we can’t have a drink. At eighteen you are allowed to buy cigarettes, join the army, change your name. I just don’t understand why at eighteen youRead MoreMilitary Drinking Age1983 Words   |  8 PagesDrinking Age of the Military: Should it be Lowered Jason M. Stoudt DeVry University The drinking age in the military is currently set at 21 years old as it is set for the rest of the country. There has been an age old statement widely used by those in the military, â€Å"If I am old enough to fight and die for my country, I should be old enough to drink†. The debate is out there that the drinking age should be lowered for all young adults from 18 years old to 21 years old. The idea behind the factRead MoreLowering The Drinking Age Of The Age981 Words   |  4 PagesHowever, there are those who remain persistent in their requests to drop the drinking age to a slightly lower option. Opposition to the legal drinking age of twenty-one has shown to have some support from mostly younger groups of people, without much validation as to why a lowered drinking age would be beneficial to our country as a whole. Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is legal to drink to eighteen. Consider how many young adults chooseRead MoreBinge Drinking vs the Drinking Age Essays829 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish 101 March 13, 2013 Binge Drinking VS the Drinking Age Presidents of college campuses around the nation face issues of underage drinking and binge drinking on a regular basis and realizes that it is a danger and a problem. â€Å"Alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., a major contributing factor to unintentional injuries, the leading cause of death for youths and young adults, and accounts for an estimated 75,000 or more deaths in the United States annually† (WechslerRead MoreBinge Drinking And The Minimum Legal Drinking Age3264 Words   |  14 PagesKarzhova Marina Erin Beaver English Composition II 5 November 2014 Binge Drinking and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age In the year 1984, President Ronald Reagan enacted a law that increased the minimum drinking Age all U.S states to 21 years. As a result, it is believed that the mortality rates due to road accidents reduced from 5,000 in the 80’s to 2, 000 in 2005 (Dean-Mooney). However, the issue of binge drinking remains unsolved with learning institutions having to deal with it every semester. In

Of Delays Essay Example For Students

Of Delays Essay Fortune is like the market; where many times if you can stay a little, the price will fall. Again, it is sometimes like Sibyllas offer; which at first, offereth the commodity at full, then consumeth part and part, and still holdeth up the price. For Occasion as it is in the common verse turneth a bald noddle, after she hath presented her locks in front, and no hold taken; or at least turneth the handle of the bottle, first to be received, and after the belly, which is hard to clasp. There is surely no greater wisdom, than well to time the beginnings, and onsets, of things. Dangers are no more light, if they once seem light; and more dangers have deceived men, than forced them. Nay, it were better, to meet some dangers half way, though they come nothing near, than to keep too long a watch upon their approaches; for if a man watch too long, it is odds he will fall asleep. On the other side, to be deceived with too long shadows as some have been, when the moon was low, and shone on their enemies back, and so to shoot off before the time; or to teach dangers to come on, by over early buckling towards them; is another extreme. The ripeness, or unripeness, of the occasion as we said must ever be well weighed; and generally it is good, to commit the beginnings of an great actions to Argus, with his hundred eyes, and the ends to Briareus, with his hundred hands; first to watch, and then to speed. For the helmet of Pluto, which maketh the politic man go invisible, is secrecy in the counsel, and celerity in the execution. For when things are once come to the execution, there is no secrecy, comparable to celerity; like the motion of a bullet in the air, which flieth so swift, as it outruns the eye.

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Yellow Jacket free essay sample

Beads of sweat form on my brow as I lace my boots from bottom to top. The euphonious chirp of nearby birds clouds my mind; simultaneously blinded by the morning rays of the sun. A smile transfixed on my face for the upcoming anticipation of this special day. It was my first day of complete isolation from the outside world in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. For once I could stop thinking and truly enjoy myself. I am at home. The ice cold water rushes down the stream emotionlessly; ultimately finding itself in the grasp of my two buckets. This is just the first step of preparing water to use for my military type shower that night. At this moment, I experienced an epiphany. People are so distracted in day to day activities that we do not think twice of the resources available at our fingertips. This false perception of reality was finally awoken and I couldn’t help but dwell over everything we just take for granted. We will write a custom essay sample on Yellow Jacket or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This distraction in our life is driven by smartphones which were not a problem in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The campfire constantly flickers with its eternal, everlasting flame; illuminating our faces as we talk about our day. I experienced a true, meaningful conversation between my family and complete strangers six thousand feet up in the mountains. No distractions, just endless, flowing conversation. There were no cellphones to distract yourself with and you actually were talking to another human, not just a brick wall with constant yep after yep. I find that people are losing a natural component of being defined as a human; interacting with one another in everyday activities. These conversations help shape and build complex relationships which are significant in that it is essential for forming my own identity. Amidst one of these conversations, I realized the breeze dancing around the outline of my body. My breath escaped my lungs as I grasped the view in front of me. Atop the spine of Tiara Mountain, I could look in any direction and it seemed like the Bob Marshall Wilderness did not end. My eyes glazed over the snow-capped peaks and rivers roaring down into the valleys. I quickly noted that I should appreciate these few untouched, vast tracks of land left on Earth because they will not be here for long. These wilderness preserves are the few, precious treasures of Earth and I am lucky enough to always picture myself on that spot; reminiscing for a lifetime. One memory that I do not enjoy recalling from that trip to Montana is the bee sting. Usually, I handle bee stings with a taste of hysteria, but this time things were different. The sharp pain and constant throbbing from this sting roused me from this endless fantasy and redefined reality. It was time to come back to real life, but I was lucky enough to reevaluate my morals and perceive life from a new angle. These new acuities helped mold my individuality and prepare me for future challenges where I dare to defy my boundaries. Now I truly know how it feels to be stung by a yellow jacket.